Puppia Int'l, Inc. (DBA Pinkaholic New York) is the executive distributor for pet fashion brands Puppia®, Pinkaholic® New York and Catspia™ in the United States and Canada.

13-01 Politt Drive Extension Unit B
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

We are also the head office of Pinkaholic New York, a brand designed and developed from our U.S. office.


First of all, PUPPIA® is an abbreviation of "PUPPY & UTOPIA". Puppia is a global pet fashion design group for dogs, based in South Korea. With know-hows accumulated in the fashion world for many years and sense of designs, our products are highly accepted by many retailers in the world. We have many years of experience in the fashion world and our designs are among the best for the dogs. In order to diversify our existing markets, we are always interested in supplying our valuable products to all of you on good and long terms. Since we know about pets and fashions as well, PUPPIA will be the proper company for dogs and for the people, whoever loves dogs. Puppia is sure to represent the best of the best. .

Pinkaholic ® New York

With more than 10 years of prior experience and expertise in the pet fashion industry, Pinkaholic® New York was launched in 2006 and have then since developed the newest and cutest products for female pups. “Pinkaholic” is a term used to describe an addiction and/or attraction to pink. As the name suggests, Pink is the primary color of our concept.
“Sweet & Lovely”
…from concept to reality, Pinkaholic brings a sensational fashion sense with irresistibly cute design, that will make your precious pup stand out. With two seasonal turnaround times, we ensure product continuity and availability to keep your pets comfortable and fashionable all year long.