Safety & Precautions

A. Our products are designed to prioritize your dogs safety and comfort. Choosing the correct size harness is crucial to making sure your pet is secure. Please measure carefully and precisely to find the correct measurements for your pet. Incorrect sizing may lead to your pet sliding out of the harness. Puppia is not responsible for any injuries that occur from selection and use of incorrect sizing.

B. To find out if the harness fits comfortably for your dog, place two fingers under the harness at the neck and chest. If two fingers can fit, the harness is correctly adjusted. If two fingers can not fit and is too tight, please loosen the straps or opt for a larger size. If there is too much space, please adjust to tighten or opt for a smaller size.

C. If by chance your pet tries to slide back out of the harness, please do not pull the leash.

D. Your pets breed or weight does not have correlation to sizing. To find the best fit for your pet, please measure and refer to our sizing chart.