Q: What is the difference between a collar and harness?

A: The difference between a collar and harness is that a collar will pull on the dogs neck while walking while a harness will pull the dogs body / chest. A collar and leash may cause a collapsed trachea for dogs who constantly pull. A harness is always the safer choice.

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: Our products are manufactured in South Korea, China, and Vietnam.

Q: What are your products made of?

A: All the materials used in our products are listed under each product on our website.

Q: Where can I buy Puppia?

A: You can buy Puppia in store or online. Click here to find a store near you. Click here for a list of our online retailers.

Q: Is the harness breathable?

A: Yes, our harnesses are made of a soft mesh material that makes our products light and breathable.

Q: What is the quality of your products?

A: We stand by our brand by using high grade materials to make our products durable, functional, and safe.

Q: Can I wash my harness?

A: We recommend hand washing our harnesses for the best results. Our products are also machine washable.

Q: How do I wash my harness?

A: You may hand wash our products by using soap, detergent, etc. and letting the product air dry. You may also machine wash with cold water and low heat to prevent shrinkage.

Q: Can I machine wash my harness?

A: Yes, our products are machine washable. We suggest using cold water and low heat drying.

Q: Does this harness prevent pulling?

A: Yes, our products help dogs who pull as the harness stops their body’s movement instead of their neck. This reinforcement is stronger and safer for pulling dogs compared to the use of collars.

Q: Does this harness work for other animals?

A: Our products are designed for dogs. However, we have seen many cats using our products as well with much success. We carry a line called ‘Catspia’ which is targeted for cat harnesses, apparel, and accessories.

Q: How long does the harness last?

A: Our harnesses are built to last long. We suggest frequent washing when necessary and keeping the harnesses away from the dog when not being used. This will help the longevity of the harness and keep it looking brand new.

Q: Are your harnesses vegan?

A: Yes, we do not use any animal-related materials in our products.

Q: What is Pinkaholic and Catspia?

A: Pinkaholic and Catspia are our other two brands. Pinkaholic is designed for small breed dogs and includes feminine styles of products. Catspia is designed for cats and includes a large range of adorable products.

Q: Why are the harnesses so small?

A: Our brand runs considerably small. This is because we cover a large range from teacup puppies (XS) to Labrador retrievers (2L).

Q: When do you release new products?

A: We release a new line of products every Fall / Winter and Spring / Summer.




Q: Where can I find the size chart?

A: Our different types of harnesses require different measurements. Under each of our products, we have a size chart for that specific product. Please follow accordingly.

Q: How do I put on the product?

A: Click here to find out on how to put on your product.

Q: Do your harnesses fit puppies or tiny dogs?

A: Yes! Our size XS fits the tiniest of dogs such as teacup breeds and new born puppies.


Q: Can my dog escape from the product?

A: Our products are designed to prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort. Choosing the correct size harness is crucial to making sure your pet is secure. Please measure carefully and precisely to find the correct measurements for your pet. Incorrect sizing may lead to your pet sliding out of the harness. Puppia is not responsible for any injuries that occur from selection and use of incorrect sizing.

Q: Is this harness choke free?

A: Yes, all our harnesses are choke free.

Q: Can I use this harness in the car?

A: Yes, we recommend using a seatbelt and our harness for your dog in the car. Attach the dog seatbelt to the D-Rings located on the back of the harness. This helps prevent injury and keeps the dog in place.

Q: My product is defective, what do I do?

A: If you believe you have received a defective product, please send us an email with attached photos of the defective area and a brief description. Please send the email to

Q: Can I get a refund or exchange?

A: Since we are a Wholesaler, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges for purchases made through retailers. Please contact the retailer / place of purchase to request a refund / exchange.